Boy... It's been a long, long... LONG time! The last time I had Turbo123's Gallery up I think Obama was President! No... But the last time I had it up I definitely wasn't banned in as many places for being a White Supremacist - Antisemitic - Bigot! That's right folks, your friendly neighborhood statistical racist has been banned a lot more! I have the stories coming, I promise!

But here we are, lots of things have changed & as always rebuilt. I'm currently working on the design and functionality of the site. I have a lot of surprises and extras in store this time, I have a lot of plans and am excited to show off some of the work I've done over the last few years. As per-usual, I would like to apologize to my close friends who for years... Have been without the recordings! DUN DUN DUN! Fear not! Turbo123's Gallery release is (Q4 2019) unlike Teamspeak 5 of course. :P

and Star Citizen! :P